Our Traditional Series Clocks feature easy-to-read dials and durable thermoplastic frames and lenses, making them ideal for many applications. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and dial options, including a water-resistant model for environments with high moisture and humidity.

Durable thermoplastic frames and lenses
Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
Operating range: 32° – 158°F (0° to 70°C)
Clock Lock features two uniquely shaped hangers that require a sequence of movements to install and remove the clock.
Customized clock faces are available to display your organization’s name or logo. Click here for more information.
Single-Sided Models

Three sizes available: 9″ (22.86cm); 12.5″ (31.75cm) or 16″ (40.64cm) diameter
Single clock depth: 2.5″ (6.4cm)
Dual-Sided Models

12.5″ (31.75cm) diameter
Mount to wall or ceiling
Ideal for hallway applications to view from many angles
Easy to assemble
Battery Models

9″ Clocks require (2) C-cell alkaline batteries
12.5″ and 16″ Clocks require (4) D-cell alkaline batteries
Batteries not included
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Models

802.3 at/af compatible
Optional battery back-up (4 D-cells, not included)
Electric (AC) Models

Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 18″ (45.72cm) cord with plug
Single-Sided: 67mA @ 120 VAC
Dual-Sided: 134mA @ 120 VAC

SNS Traditional Series analog clocks leverage 802.11 b/g wireless or Ethernet to synchronize via Network Time Protocol (NTP) and communicate with the Application Management Platform (AMP) software. The AMP manages diagnostic data, battery level, and wireless connection information to ensure system integrity and deliver proactive maintenance alerts. Available in battery-powered, AC or Power over Ethernet (PoE). Configuration is accomplished via the on-board Web-server or remotely using the SNS AMP software.

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