The Platinum Series is the first and only analog clock series available with a chemically-resistant coating to protect against commonly used cleaners and dust collection for easy sterilization. The smart design provides a sterile look that can easily be incorporated into any facility.

All Primex Wireless clocks use network time protocol (NTP) to synchronize from an authoritative time source. Analog clocks are equipped with both an 802.11 b/g radio and an Ethernet port, and may be used as NTP-Only synchronized time pieces or remotely configured and synchronized using the Synchronous Network System Applications Management Platform (AMP) software. When used in conjunction with the AMP, diagnostic data, including synchronization status, battery life and wireless connection strength, is retrieved from the clocks and displayed via a web-based interface.NTP-only clocks must be managed and synchronized with a time server individually. Battery-powered, AC or Power over Ethernet (PoE) models are available.

Platinum Series Clock Features

  • High-impact frame with chemical-resistant coating
  • Chemically resistant lens withstands strong cleaners commonly used in healthcare facilities
  • Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
  • Operating range: 32° – 158°F (0° – 70°C)
  • Clock Lock available on most models features two uniquely shaped hangers that require a sequence of movements to install and remove the clock.
  • Customized clock faces are available to display your organization’s name or logo. Call for more information.
  • Requires (2) D-cell alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Single clock depth: 2.72” (6.9cm)

Clock Specifications:

  • 13.75″ (34.93cm) diameter
  • High-impact frame with chemical-resistant coating
  • Xylex® lens is resistant to strong chemicals used in healthcare facilities
  • Single clock depth: 2.72″ (6.9cm)
High Performance. Upscale Appearance.