“Work” is no longer Geo-Static. It is not the place where we go. It is things we do to add value to our organization’s or client’s bottom line. Telecommuting and virtual offices; teams dispersed over wide geographic areas; your employees located at your client’s own facilities, and third party contractors are all common in today’s work experience. This situation compounded the existing challenges of tracking time for traditional mobile workers.
Meanwhile, the demand for measurable productivity continues to increase. Oranizational leadership requres actionable information and drives the need for project cost information at the lowest leve possible. So field or floor supervision and validation requirements increase. But tracking resources has always been challenging and the broad spectrum of conditions faced by managers today contains inherent overhead and time requirements that aggravates the very issue it is trying to solve.
Burdensome time tracking exercises can divert resources from their real objectives. It can empower and reward bureaucrats over productive team members while reducing overall job satisfaction among all team members. The main point is that time and resources expended on tracking time and resources can’t be billed to the client directly.


By offering Text2Punch, GeorgiaTime Recorder solves these issues. Easy to to use SMSphone
texting capabilities available on employee and contractor cellular devices automates
the capture of important data. The product saves time and increases accuracy;
eliminating manual keying of time data into scheduling and payroll systems.
User identification, job site validation, job movement data, project assignment detail
are all captured passively alongside time start and time end information. Third party
authentication can also be included in your tracking efforts.
In addition to passive data collection and its own reporting tools, Text2Punch will also
seamlessly interface with third party software for the following (and more):

Business Intelligence& Data Visualization
Labor Management & Scheduling
Financial Management
Enterprise Resource Processing (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Exposure Data Collection
Insurance Market Submissions
Actual Versus Estimated Payroll Audits
1099 Processing
Employee Evaluations & Scorecards