OneVue is the easiest way to free staff members of tedious monitoring activities, allowing them to focus on caring for patients. A completely cloud-based system, OneVue ensures 24/7 protection of patients, valuable medications and sensitive materials, without any software or servers to install or maintain.

Built on a trusted foundation, stripped of time-consuming workflow and maintenance, and loaded with time-saving features, OneVue is truly the best-in-class facility monitoring system. Contact us for a demonstration to see how OneVue’s intuitive design and processes fit with the way you work.

More Intelligent Data That’s Easy to Organize

Data in OneVue is tied to the physical equipment, room or assets/inventory you are monitoring – not to the sensor/data logger. You’ll have comprehensive, historical data trails for compliance audits, predictive maintenance, benchmarking, cost-comparisons, and more. Advanced filtering options make it easy to process this data; allowing you to create and save custom views. Intuitive account structure and role-based dashboards with tiered data access ensure users only see information pertinent to their job to minimize confusion and maximize productivity.

Data can be exported for compliance reports and regulatory documentation in just a few clicks.
Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements and recommendations of the CDC, FDA, TJC, and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records.

Secure, Mobile-First Architecture

OneVue’s easy-to-use, responsive interface was explicitly designed to deliver the optimal view on any screen, allowing you to monitor conditions throughout your entire facility from any tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. There are no extra mobile apps, plug-ins or downloads needed for convenient, 24/7/365 access to your monitoring information and system settings.

Built on the secure Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, trusted worldwide to deliver stable, reliable performance.
No servers and software to install and maintain, keeping your IT team focused on your core business systems.
Banking-level data security and encryption, plus ongoing, redundant, multi-location data backups protect your data.

Plug and Play Convenience

Primex Wireless sensors arrive at your facility preconfigured, so set-up only requires a matter of minutes. Once installed and the sensor has acquired a network signal, monitoring data will be continuously captured, securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere.


Continuous, Stable Monitoring

OneVue is on guard 24/7: continuous, automated monitoring protects the viability of sensitive assets and safety of critical environments. Should a power outage or loss of wireless connection occur, you’ll have the data needed to know if inventory has been compromised and must be discarded. Your sensors will continue to collect and log data using battery backup power, then transmit that data once power or connection is restored.

Proactive Alerts

When OneVue detects out-of-range conditions (even between preset logging intervals) your customized email, text and/or phone alerts are immediately issued to the staff member you have designated for that time of day. The alerts ensure constant protection of your sensitive materials – even after-hours or during holidays.

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