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Business Time
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Accurate tracking and reporting of employee
time is essential to determining productivity.


Health Care Facility
Management Solutions

Synchronized wall clocks & indoor air quality
sensors that keep your health care facility compliant.


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Time & Attendance

Key Products: Fingerprint, Time Clock, Payclock, Badge Terminals, Biometric, Facial Recognition.

We offer user friendly software and the latest hardware solutions improving payroll efficiency and saving money.


Reversomatic manufactures a full line of Heat & Energy recovery ventilators (HRV & ERV) from 30 to 400 cfm. They are the only one in North American market that offers HRV/ERV with true automatic electronic air-balancing and constant flow technology where no field balancing whatsoever is required.

Time Clocks

Key Products: Time Clocks, Time Recorders, Electric Time Clocks, Time Cards.

We offer all the major time clock brands including Acroprint, Amano, Compumatic & lathem for small businesses to fit any size budget.

Time Stamps and More

Key Products: Rapidprint, Speed-i-jet, Standard Reach, Electric Embosser, KON.

Many government offices across Georgia and the Southeast enjoy prompt sales and service for their time stamp needs.  We also offer annual service contracts.

Synchronized Wall Clocks

Key Products: Analog Clocks, Wireless Clocks, Digital Clocks, Wall Clocks, Crash Cart.

Our systems include both GPS and Network synchronized clocks keeping your facility and processes on time and compliant with up to the second accuracy.


The Detex Guardtour system helps guards quickly verify their check points. Data collection of any kind is a snap using the RFID reader and tags.

About Georgia Time

Georgia Time Recorder is a family owned company serving Lawrenceville, Atlanta Metro, North Georgia, Mid West and Florida’s surrounding areas. Norman Gage founded Georgia Time Recorder in 1982. Norman started his career working for Simplex Time Recorder in 1958. As an engineer specializing in master clock systems, Norman was instrumental in the development of the present solid state master clock equipment, including wireless clock systems.

Georgia Time Recorder has expertise in time clocks, time stamps, computerized software, biometrics,  master clocks, wall clocks, bell controls, access control, web punch, and much more.

We are based out of Lawrenceville, GA, please call us if you have any questions or would like a free consultation or quote. 770-441-2879

Time & AttendanceTime & Attendance Systems

Time America’s TA810 is a time and attendance and access control system data terminal that uses face recognition technology to instantly identify users. The TA810 provides a touch-free, hygienic alternative to fingerprint and hand readers, while still eliminating “buddy punching” and the need for cards or badges. Users simply look at the device and within seconds they are identified and either clocked in for work or granted secure access.