Ensuring the health and safety of all staff members, visitors and patients relies on maintaining the best possible indoor air quality. Temperatures that are too high or low can be uncomfortable, improper humidity levels could inhibit healing and high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can cause drowsiness, shortness of breath or an increased heart rate. Yet, it is simply not feasible to perform physical inspections throughout an entire facility as often as
necessary to maintain optimum conditions. The Primex Synchronous Network System (SNS) automatically monitors conditions remotely using wireless sensors and Web-based software deployed over a facility’s existing IT network. Primex SNS facility monitoring gives you the ability to easily monitor proper temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in operating rooms, storage areas, large auditoriums, food-service areas and other sensitive building locations, and ensure the comfort and safety of everyone inside.

Be a Hundred Places at Once

Primex wireless sensors automatically monitor indoor air quality throughout your facility as part of the SNS™ wireless facility monitoring system. Data is transmitted from the sensors to the web-based SNS™ Application Management Platform (AMP) software multiple times a day. The AMP logs readings, sends alerts when conditions require attention, and creates comprehensive documentation to conform to all regulatory compliance requirements. Access the AMP from any computer on your network to check temperature, humidity and/or CO2 conditions in any room at any time.

Product Features

Sensors communicate over your existing wireless 802.11 b/g or Ethernet network (AC-powered sensors only)
Sensors can be placed anywhere in your facility covered by your IT network
Custom configurable data transmission intervals from 4 minutes to 12 hours
User-defined alerting rules ensure facility staff respond to out-of-range conditions promptly

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